Who wrote the Vedas?

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The faculty-to-student ratio in the IITs is between 1: Such autonomy means that IITs can create their own curricula and adapt rapidly to the changes in educational requirements, free from bureaucratic hurdles. The government has no direct control over internal policy decisions of IITs like faculty recruitment and curricula but has representation on the IIT Council. The medium of instruction in all IITs is English. All the IITs have public libraries for the use of their students.

In addition to a collection of prescribed books, the libraries have sections for fiction and other literary genres [ citation needed ].

With the search for the next director of IIM-Ahmedabad going international, the institute is now mulling a five-fold hike in the annual salary that will be offered to its new head.

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What kinds of entrepreneurs are you looking at? If we look at the last two decades of dramatic growth, it has been solely because of entrepreneurship in this country, though it has been limited to IT and ITES. We have started dramatic shifts in the bio-technology space too apart from automobile and ancillaries. We foresee next two decades to be time for entrepreneurship, especially social entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship that will make some fundamental shifts in the rural economy.

Career Launcher has moved into setting up schools in the villages of India that not only promote inquisitiveness among children from very young age that eventually will lead to innovative problem solving for rural issues, but also use these school infrastructures for Community Enabling Centres that will impart technical skills, life skills and entrepreneurial skills to the youth apart from promoting indigenous art forms, artisans and communities.

6. Career oriented woman. I am a year-old, 5’8″ tall, athletic woman based out of Mumbai. I have an engineering degree from IIT Mumbai and an MBA from IIM Ahmadabad.

Nonetheless Vedas remain the most meticulously preserved texts available today. The unique methods devised from very inception of Vedas have ensured that Vedas are available even today in same original form. Many scholars have called this the greatest wonder of human civilization. Someone like Abdullah Tariq, the mentor of Zakir Naik and celebrated Islamic scholar, also vociferously asserts that Vedas are the first divine texts.

Even Zakir Naik does not refute it, even though he does not state it so clearly owing to his Wahabi foundation. This very act of his proves that he regards Vedas as authoritative first divine texts. The whole Qadiyani movement is based on the assertion of Vedas being the first divine texts and Mirza Ghulam being the last Prophet. While we have refuted the wrong interpretations of Vedic mantras by likes of Zakir Naik and Maulana Vidyarthi, refer http: It has primarily been the atheist and communist circles that has refuted the idea of Vedas being divine, despite agreeing on Vedas being oldest.

This is primarily driven from their founding assumption — that we all are chemical reactions and nothing more than that. What is interesting is that the baton of the atheists has now been taken by several Muslim apologetics who have come up with a series of articles refuting Vedas of divine status. They however forget in their enthusiasm that by doing this, they are digging their own graves. Because this would imply that claims of their own Islamic scholars are wrong and destroy the very foundation of Islam.

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When a lie is repeated 99 times, it becomes truth at the th time. But the history of India says the Hindus have no history. They have only manipulated the history to suit their sinister designs. Whenever the question is asked who are the Hindus, the familiar reply is the Hindus are none other than the Aryans. If asked what is the evidence to claim that they are Aryans, then they will produce their Rigveda to prove that they are Aryans.

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A prominent lawyer and an Indian independence activist , Malviya considered education as the primary means for achieving a national awakening. Malviya continued to develop his vision for the university with inputs from other Indian nationalists and educationists. He published his plan in The focus of his arguments was the prevailing poverty in India and the decline in income of Indians compared to Europeans.

The plan called for the focus on technology and science, besides the study of India’s religion and culture: Such maximum application of science is only possible when scientific knowledge is available to Indians in their own country. He decided in favour of the former for various reasons. Malviya also considered the question of medium of instruction and decided to start with English given the prevalent environment, and gradually add Hindi and other Indian languages.

A distinguishing characteristic of Malviya’s vision was the preference for a residential university. All other Indian universities of the period, such as the universities in Bombay , Calcutta , Madras , etc. Established in in the Kamachha area of Varanasi, the vision behind the school was that there should be learning institutions based on Hindu philosophy.

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Telang in the memory of his father Justice Kashinath Trimbak Telang in Upon his return from the First Round Table Conference , Gaekwad wanted a library built on the pattern of the British Library and its reading room , which was then located in the British Museum. On Malviya’s suggestion, he made the donation to build the library on the BHU campus. The trend of donation of personal and family collection to the library continued as late as the s with the result that it has unique pieces of rarities of books and journals dating back to the 18th century.

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According to sources in IIM-A, the five-member search committee has considered the possibility of footing a Rs 1 crore annual salary for the new director in order to attract top talent for this post. If this proposal gets the nod of the board of governors BOG of the institute, then IIM-A would be paying the highest salary package to its head among 13 elite B-schools. All IIMs, at this point in time, are financially independent and do not depend on the HRD ministry for funds to pay salaries to their faculty and director.

M Naik, managing director of Larsen and Toubro and head of the search committee and BOG of the institute, did not directly confirm if a salary hike was being considered but admitted that “all possibilities are being looked at”. The panel is on the hunt for a successor to the present director Samir Barua whose term ended in October , and placed a recruitment advertisement in The Economist in August last year. According to sources, the committee has received several applications from candidates currently working at B-schools abroad.

The director is pretty much like a CEO. The current pay package of IIM directors is, indeed, quite less compared to what their counterparts are paid by top private management institutions. According to an IIM director, private management institute in the NCR region are willing to pay anything between Rs 50 lakh and Rs 80 lakh annually to a director. Although I agree that the current pay structure of directors should be revised and could be about Rs 30 lakh, but mooting a sum of Rs 1 crore as salary is too much.

IIMs are public institutions after all,” he said. Share or comment on this article:


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Dr. Prakash Keshaviah graduated with a in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras in After his graduation, he went on to do a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering and a second Masters in Physiology.

Yes, India is plagued by a plethora of challenges today — corruption, fundamentalism, terrorism, conversions, moral degradation, lack of education, health issues, sanitation problems and so many more. But despite all these problems and threats, the top two — by a wide margin — would remain casteism and gender discrimination. And till these two problems — that remain the primary causes of almost all our miseries of past and present — are eradicated from root, the hope of a glorious future would remain nothing more than hallucinations of an insane.

In other words, a prosperous and powerful society cannot co-exist with casteism and gender-discrimination. Please note that casteism and gender-discrimination are not specifically Hindu issues. On contrary, they are more of cultural issues. Gender discrimination has been a global phenomenon for ages.

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