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Offshore hook-up Lesson Offshore Hook up and Commissioning HUC was generally well planned and executed The team responsible for the tow-out and buoy hook-up paid particular attention to quality issues in relation to the resources provided. Extensive interview were held with providers and workshops were held to discuss roles and responsibilities and the processes that would be employed during the various phases of the offshore operations. A good example was the diving operations associated with the installation of the thrusters. The acceptance procedures for the offshore work were developed with the understanding that there may be some deviations, so when any known problems occurred or were highlighted the procedures were already in place and it was easy for the engineers to continue with their planned tasks. Recommendation Comprehensive planning of offshore HUC scope is very important with clarification of roles and responsibilities essential. Procedures for the offshore work should be developed with the understanding that there may be some deviations, so when any known problems occurred or were highlighted, alternative procedures were already in place and it was easy for the engineers or crews to continue with their planned tasks.

Topsides, Jackets & Modules Fabrication & Integration

The field is located offshore, about 80 kilometres from Atyrau Western Kazakhstan and extends over a surface of approximately 75 km by 45 km. It is currently estimated that there are 38 billion barrels of oil-in-place of which in excess of 13 billion are recoverable. The development of this field represents one of the greatest challenges of the petroleum industry given the following characteristics: The reservoir is a deep, high-pressure reserve. Shallow waters that range from 3 to 4 meters and freeze from November to March with sea-level fluctuations during the remainder of the year.

commissioning, commissioning, technical assistance, associated transportation and offshore installation of four wellhead platforms, anticorrosion & weight coating, laying of 57 km rigid hookup, testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning. Offshore facilities comprise three segments of seamless sub-sea pipelines for condensate/ propane.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Offshore wind farm Oil platform Offshore construction is the installation of structures and facilities in a marine environment, usually for the production and transmission of electricity, oil, gas and other resources. It is also called maritime engineering.

Construction and pre-commissioning is typically performed as much as possible onshore. To optimize the costs and risks of installing large offshore platforms, different construction strategies have been developed. One strategy is to fully construct the offshore facility onshore, and tow the installation to site floating on its own buoyancy.

Bottom founded structure are lowered to the seabed by de-ballasting see for instance Condeep or Cranefree , whilst floating structures are held in position with substantial mooring systems.

Pre Commissioning Engineer Jobs

The Norwegian operator will start its milestone heavy lift operations for its flagship Mariner Development this week, paving the way for the creation of North Sea jobs. The Mariner field is located approximately 95 miles kilometres east of Shetland. The work is expected to last 18 months. The jobs, which are being sourced by Aker, include offshore at peak levels of activity. An additional permanent jobs will be supported by Mariner onshore and offshore.

Description: Wheatstone Project – Offshore Platform Contracts – Wheatstone Platform Hookup And Commissioning Reference: C Description: Hook Up and Commissioning (HU&C) of the Wheatstone Gas Processing Topsides with Steel Gravity Base Structure Installed on the Northwest Shelf, Western Australia.

Some examples include the running and entire testing of the power generation systems, testing of emergency shutdown and control systems and dynamic trials on oil and gas export systems prior to load out to minimize the offshore or site scope. Physical, Control and Shutdown interfaces are also checked against the main contract drawings to minimise any unwanted re-work. Preservation and Maintenance of the Plant for the Project Duration This includes the computerised system which provides the planning and check sheets and technicians required for maintenance of all equipment and all disciplines including vendor packages during the project execution onshore and offshore up to handover.

It also includes site verification of vendor supplied packages and equipment and maintenance of the same before and after installation. Production of Detailed Commissioning Procedures These procedures include all the technical information, vendor information and recommendations and step by step instructions on system energisations and operational tests necessary to take Systems, Sub-Systems and Equipment to ‘Ready for Start-up’ status for Commissioning scope.

Performance of the Commissioning to take all Systems to ‘Ready for Operations’ Condition This service includes the Commissioning Engineers, Site Supervision and Technicians required to complete the work against the preloaded Commissioning data base and the pre prepared approved commissioning procedures. MCCS will provide the complete team to perform the Mechanical Completion Pre-commissioning and Commissioning or, part team to complete a full team in cooperation with the Client.

MCCS provide all testing and commissioning equipment from in house and maximizes on local supply of manpower and consumables.

Stampede Milestone: Topsides Loadout

Installation and pre-commissioning Well Construction and Installation We are an industry leader in well management support services that ensure the successful design and installation of your critical subsea infrastructure. From engineering services to offshore support, our solutions are tailored to your project needs. We offer seamlessly integrated services complete with anchor-handling supply vessels and survey and ROV services. Our technologies—including the modular SCAR Seabed System—cover trenching, seabed preparation and clearance, and cable-lay systems.

As a result of VM continuous efforts to add more vessels to its fleet and further strengthen its expertise, the scope of VM offshore construction services has expanded extensively.

As the location, scope of work, footprint availability, hook-up materials and labour can vary considerably,we would prefer to conduct a vessel survey, otherwise no fixed price estimate can be given beforehand. Transportation The modules can easily be shipped to various places all over the world. From the yard, the modules are generally shipped to the Port of Rotterdam, Antwerp or Amsterdam.

As barges are in no short supply in this area, shipment can be done anytime. If the modules are required elsewhere on the world, Holland Accommodation Rentals can provide assistance in arranging transport to your desired location. Lifting Lifting operations require crane capacity sufficient to handle the weight of the modules. Hook-up and commissioning Generally two scopes can be identified in the hook-up phase; the linking between the modules, and the linking to the ship system.

The width of either of these two scopes varies depending on the number of modules and the level of integratedness of the setup. The more integrated the setup is, the narrower the scope will be on the side of linking to the ship system. In the first case the following connections to the vessel are required, as well as the following capacities:

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Funnily enough, there is a lot more to oil production these days, but for as long as we need petroleum and gas as energy resources, there are still fortunes to be made. In the 19th century, crude oil was refined to make kerosene as the standard fuel for lamps. In , German engineer Karl Benz began the first commercial production of gasoline-fuelled motor vehicles with an internal combustion engine.

Offshore Engineering Design, Fabrication, Installation, Hook-up and Commissioning An Intensive 5 Day Training Course 30 Sep – 04 Oct , Dubai and construction department, offshore installation, hook-up, commissioning and start-up of offshore projects. Such roles include field and discipline engineers, project engineer, cost estimating.

About Clough Established in , Clough delivers an integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction service to oil and gas and mineral resources projects primarily in Australia and South East Asia. The Group’s services range from concept development through design, construction, installation, commissioning, operations and maintenance. Backed by an experienced management team, over 3, personnel and sophisticated project management systems, we are recognised for our commitment to safety, sustainable development and the wellbeing of the people, communities and environments in which we operate.

The services will be provided over a 40 month period commencing immediately. The agreed scope of work includes the provision of management, labour, materials and a selection of an accommodation support vessel to assist Chevron with pre-commissioning, commissioning of integrated float over deck systems, offshore hook-up, and start-up assistance. The Wheatstone Processing Platform will be one of Australia’s largest offshore facilities with a topsides weight of around 37, tonnes and a total deck area of 20, square meters, including primary processing equipment and facilities.

The topsides will be transported to the offshore installation site on a barge, and installed onto the substructure using a float-over procedure.

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Advanced Software Solutions Plant Instrumentation is the eyes and ears of plant operators. Major integration issues arise at this stage of project execution as multiple systems are being integrated. Our expertise developed while working with different systems enables us to foresee any issues that may arise at the time of commissioning keeping the timeline track. Our capabilities allow for smooth integration of instrumentation systems and a hassle free project completion.

Apr 10,  · The “commissioning” refers to activating the system once it is hooked up. You check out the connections with pressure tests, the controls by putting them their paces and then you turn the well into the separator and verify that the separator and the controls are working as : Resolved.

Narmada Offshore works will comprise of the pipeline hydrotesting and system leak testing of an offshore pipeline and SBM, inclusive of all associated on-shore pipeline, and a scraper trap facility. The engineering and preparation works have commenced and are being executed from Narmada’s Middle East offices in UAE. Site works are due to commence in Februaury with a completion of the project scheduled during May The project, PRP-2 Pipeline Replacement Project – 2 , involves engineering, procurement and installation of over kilometres of fixed and flexible pipelines of various diameters in the Mumbai High field some 80 kilometres off the coast of Mumbai.

Offshore works on the project will take place during the period of suitable weather from November to May each year for the next three years. Stage one will be completed in May , stage two in , and stage three in Managing Director of Narmada Offshore, D Anjaiah, said the new project underlined Narmada Offshore’s oil and gas credentials and further consolidated the company’s operations in India.

This is indicative of the type and scale of oil and gas opportunities available to the company within the region,” he said.

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Many years of experiences working in Oil and Gas. What does Hook-Up and Commissioning do? The Hook-Up and Commissioning HUC will be taken place between construction and start-up, kind of work could be classified to be hook-up and commissioning. They are tie-in to existing facilities. The hook-up and commissioning would be applied to green field and brown field projects. There are 4 area of concerns to consideration when handle to HUC.

It covers engineering, procurement, fabrication, transportation, installation, hookup, commissioning, and start-up of the platform in Block 16/ Agip plans to start production from the

Ensure that the brown and greenfield facilities are hooked up and commissioned safely and in compliance with relevant company standards and procedures and that key project milestones are achieved on time. Provide all necessary support during the lead up to facilities start-up. Establish and maintain good relations and communication with the greenfield, the brownfield, the subsea facilities delivery teams and operations in support of the efficient progression of HUC activities defined in the integrated project plan.

Establish performance metrics which will enable the progress of offshore HUC activities to be monitored and reported. Agree similar performance metrics for onshore commissioning and completion activities with the greenfield team. Through sound leadership, establish a consistency of approach across the greenfield and the brownfield components of the project.

Offshore Platform Installation- Jacket Installation and Topside Installation