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Bullet holes photo via Shutterstock After the horrifying shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school last week, people seem to be asking the same questions: What kind of person could open fire on innocent children? Why do such incidents keep happening? And what can we do to prevent such crimes? We may never know what spurred the man who killed 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Conn. But psychologists have created profiles of mass shooters , and many common themes — and even warning signs — emerge. Yet despite a list of red flags, psychologists say, it is maddeningly difficult to separate the next school shooter from the millions of other disaffected students who may never go on to kill. Profile of a shooter Many mass shootings are motivated by revenge or envy. That’s why many take place at a school or a workplace where shooters felt rejected, said Tony Farrenkopf, a forensic psychologist in Portland, Ore.

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Gunman wounds 4 in Ohio school lunch room before K-9 unit catches him Published February 29, Facebook 0 Twitter 0 livefyre Email Print The scene outside the school after the shooting. Fox 19 A teenage gunman burst into the lunch room of an Ohio school Monday morning and opened fire, wounding four students before a K-9 unit caught him, local media report. He now faces charges including attempted murder and making terrorist threats. It’s not clear whether he targeted certain students or fired at random, Sheriff Richard Jones said.

The suspect bolted from the school after the shooting, got rid of his gun, and ran into a field before the K-9 unit caught him, the Journal-News reports. Investigators said he used a. We have received clearance from the Butler County Sheriff. One of the students is 15 and the others are Each is in stable condition in the hospital.

Teacher Pleads Guilty After Admitting To ‘Hooking Up’ With High School Student

Ag School students serve seniors a locally sourced Thanksgiving dinner of food raised on their farm Zak KoeskeDaily Southtown Privacy Policy Hundreds of seniors from the Far Southwest Side feasted on locally-sourced turkey with all the fixings Tuesday courtesy of students at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. The farm-to-table meal, held annually at the Mount Greenwood high school in celebration of Thanksgiving, capitalizes on the school’s claim as the site of Chicago’s last working farm.

Over the past few months, Ag School students have been raising the birds, growing the vegetables and even creating the wooden turkey-shaped centerpieces that adorned each dining table at the event.

High school newspaper ‘hook up‘ issue calls for new restrictions February 14, By Megan Twohey, Tribune reporter After printing stories detailing the casual sexual encounters of students, the Stevenson High School newspaper must now submit to new restrictions that have drawn fire from parents and critics concerned about censorship. The Statesman’s “hooking up” issue, which includes such quotes as “getting felt up isn’t even a base anymore,” is the award-winning paper’s latest effort to tackle delicate subjects.

But Jim Conrey, spokesman of the Lincolnshire school, said Friday that the controversial content isn’t the problem, rather shoddy journalism. It also abandoned ethics by including the timeline of one student’s successful quest to get a girl into bed at a party, which Conrey described as a “how-to guide for sexual predators. So last week, the administration created a new review process that will include other school officials, possibly the head of the English department or other administrators.

The administration has the backing of School Board President Bruce Lubin, but has been criticized by some parents, who attended a recent school board meeting to complain. First amendment advocates are also angered.

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Officials opened the doors to the new Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, the first time it has been open to the public since Dec. Advertisement There is no memorial to the victims inside the new school, although administrators promise there will be one. The classrooms where the students were gunned down are now part of an unmarked grassy area in the middle of the parking lot. About half the teachers who were in the school during the mass shooting will be returning to bright, new classrooms, each with its own digital whiteboard.

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Report Details Adam Lanza’s Life Before Sandy Hook Shootings

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Isn’t it still an invasion of another’s personal space? GG declined invitations to dance, and in one instance “rescued” her friend from an aggressive “dance” partner—who was pretty p. I figure it’s good practice for frat parties later in life, but still, not what I would consider the best form of social interaction in BS or out. Parents most certainly do not forget that high school is learning how to interact with others.

Most of us send our kids off to BS hoping they will grow in independence and self-advocacy.

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