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Nov 11 2: No humor no nothing. Except for the scenes when L and Krystal are together. I find them so cute. For Rain, I clearly think that he isn’t fit for this kind of role. Too bad for Rain! Krystal, I think she needs to study acting more. Her role in the heirs was better than this. Don’t get me wrong, I love Krystal but i think it’s better for Krystal to be playing the role like in the heirs. This drama could have done better if the pairings were more nice and sweet.

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Kalau nilai minusnya, yang pasti lo bakal ketagihan, terus mulai sok2 ngomong pake bahasa korea, habis itu tiap ada adegan makan lo kelaperan dan pengen kimchi, kimbab, bulgogi, ramen, dll Hasil survei pribadi. Nah untuk nilai plusnya, pertama menghibur. Terus lo bakal tau kebudayaan, tradisi dan makanan khas korea, sehingga pengetahuan lo akan negara korea bertambah. Kedua, bisa mempelajari kebudayaan dan bahasa korea, syukur2 bisa memasak masakan korea yang selalu bikin ngiler.

Yang ketiga, dapat banyak pelajaran karena banyak drama dan film korea yang ceritanya begitu dekat dengan keseharian kita Survei pribadi lagi.

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It has been more than a year since my last update, Masha-Allah time flies so fast. I’m not really sure what to write first YaAllah so much happened for the past year and I am pretty sure one post wont fit everything. So I better start with most recent update about me. Our winter trip was initially revolves around chasingoppa but as it gets nearer and we start to list and properly plan for our itinerary things seems to get clearer and all the plan slowly shifted from chasingoppa to exploringseoul.

Please note that this is my first oversea trip using my own money and I am over the cloud 9 because i have always promise myself that I will go for a vacation someday and make sure I reward myself after all my hardworks and the time finally comes after a year of working my arse off. Menggigl kau maklumlah Taiping tak de Salji. The view is breath taking, lawa gilaaaa bangunan cantik.

Mayrah punya Abg wanted a HR shirt. It was quick, but we managed to place our wishing card dkt tgh2 mall.

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The role won him several awards, including the Best New Actor award in the category of television at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. He cemented his status as the leading-man with the success of future television shows: He debuted as a solo artist with his Korean mini albums Break Down and Luck in He was a cast member in the variety show Real Men.

Kim Woo Bin originally debuted under the name Kim Hyun Joong, but changed it at the end of and began acting under his new stage name in the sitcom Vampire Idol.

La pareja Goguma conformada por Jung Yong Hwa de CNBLUE y SeoHyun de SNSD ganaron el premio a la pareja mas popular del por la MBC. Yong Hwa y SeoHyun compusieron la canción “Banmal Song” e inclusive grabaron un vídeo que subieron a Youtube .

Well then, let the Running Man cast be your guide to take you on a whirlwind trip through the city to show you everything that it has to offer and more. You might find that variety is the most entertaining way to learn some history, visit the tourist attractions, and play the wackiest games that may or may not represent Korea as a whole. Well, at least you have the prettiest faces to spend the next ninety minutes with, so enjoy the ride.

Broadcast on February 23, The winners will then become the representative faces of Seoul this year, which sounds appropriate for a show with a worldwide viewership. Our team breakdown is as follows:

What does CNBLUE’s Minhyuk think of dating a labelmate?

The rest are A. Yes, what do you think? Firstly, Busan people have a kind of resilience.

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa Reveals He Still Keeps in Touch With Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun _ Allkpop by YongSeoCouplArticles. Minhyuk Cnblue and i’m Genie for You Boy Shirt- Gazeelle48Posts [OFFICIAL] YongSeo_용서_SeoHwa Couple Thread 2 ♥ – Page – soompi.

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Yet here he is in khakis and a pastel polo.

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Minhyuk was born on June 28, 2. He was born at Chulsandong, but lived in Ilsan for 16 years. So, he think his hometown is Ilsan. Minhyuk favourite artist are Maroon5 and Linkin Park 5. Minhyuk also likes classical music like Chopin.

About. Known best as the bassist of a South Korean music group called CNBLUE, this instrumentalist and sometimes rapper also had a career as a fashion model, appearing in runway shows and advertising campaigns for such prominent designers as Song Ji Oh and Song Hye Myung.

His Birthday is 18 February J-Hope Favorite Color is Green. J- Hope Favorite weather is spring. J-Hope Blood Type is A. J- hope Favorite Number is 7. J-Hope is the type of person to approach someone without hesitation and his speaking habits are also like that. Now most of RapMon bad habits are fixed. J-Hope received commissioned education in Gwangju after signing a contract with his company. J-hope long face is 27 cm.

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En la época de Goryeo, el general más exitoso se llama Kim Shin ().Debido a una traición es condenado a muerte pero Shin prefiere morir a manos de su segundo al mando.

The construction began not too long ago, and their building is being built in the main area of Chungdam-dong. The building will also stand three stories high, four if you include the basement level. He has successfully debuted new idol bands such as CN Blue and FT Island, whose styles are completely different from the idols out there. These artists have been active in the music industry, promoting not only in Korea but in Japan and receiving an explosive reaction from other parts of Asia.

Although FNC Music does not have the longest history amongst entertainment labels, they are being praised as a strong and stable label in the industry. They also established their very own private music education institute, FNC Academy. They do not focus on just producing albums and managing artists, and are receiving high interest from others in the industry for going against the grain and pursuing new and different models of business. They recruit the best professional coaches and continue to train their artists as well as discover and develop new rookies.

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