Today however he’s raising a concern about the system’s requirement that you publicly disclose your gender on your profile. Here’s what he had to say: I know they have reasons for this, but I don’t think they’re good enough. Many women grow up with a sense of physical vulnerability that’s hard for men to appreciate. Our culture’s relentless treatment of women as objects teaches them that they are defined by the one thing that men around them want from them—men who are usually bigger, stronger, and like any human occasionally crazy. This feeling—often confirmed by actual experiences of harassment and assault—can lead, understandably, to a lifetime of low-level wariness and sense of vulnerability that men have trouble appreciating.

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Wild Thoughts from an Untamed Heart Monday, July 27, Skeptics and Deniers are Dangerously Wrong The Science Is In “Global Warming” by Fernando Agudelo There is a deceptive, disingenuous video circulating the cyber world called “What They Haven’t Told You About Climate Change” produced by Prager University, a nonprofit organization that claims to offer “knowledge and clarity on life’s biggest topics at no cost” through “awesome five minute videos” from a “conservative perspective.

Their recently-released climate change video features Patrick Moore, who left Greenpeace years ago to become a paid spokesman for corporate polluters and is now a consultant for the nuclear and fossil fuel energy industry. He told the interviewer that one “could drink a whole quart of it” without any harm. When Moore was challenged to drink a glass of the weedkiller, he refused and ended the interview.

In the Prager climate change video — in a excruciatingly monotone voice and tedious manner — he seems to be reading from scripted cue-cards that just might as well have been provided by the Koch brothers.

Convection moves heat from the hot side to the cold side much, much faster than conduction or radiation does, but initially theDating While Separated Nc If insulin resistance is the involving your frustrating fat reduction challenge you are actually aware of the difficulty of balancing yourDating More Than One Person Rune Factory 4 Leon compatibility relationship: Dating More Than One Person Rune Factory .

Dana Sackett with contributions and edits by Dr. Daniel Madigan, an expert in the field of radioactivity in the environment. This week we try to disentangle some of the information and misinformation on radioactivity in fish and present some recent research on radioactivity in the Pacific Ocean. Radioactive fish from The Simpsons.

Radioactivity is when an unstable atom known as a radionuclide with excess energy decays and changes into a more stable atom. This decay process emits radiation and can take seconds to thousands of years depending on the radionuclide. Radionuclides can also occur naturally or as a product of human activity. A schematic of radioactive decay. As a result, natural radiation occurs all around us.

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Background radiation is said mSv per year. If you live in a place with granitic soil, you get around 2. Individuals exposed to 6 mSv a year or more should be monitored.

Jan 22,  · xkcd by Randall Munroe that touches on a fundamental concept behind geodetics. The “title-text” at the actual webcomic says: Protip: You can win every exchange just by being one level more precise than whoever talked last. Eventually, you’ll defeat all conversational opponents and stand alone.

Climate and energy news from Germany in English – by Pierre L. For example, see references [1—10]. The emerging causal effects from SS [solar activity] to GT [global temperatures], especially for recent decades, are overwhelmingly proved, which reflects the better understanding of the tendency of global warming. The distinction between the atmospheric layers rests on the assumption that the latent heat from the surface is set free in the lower atmospheric layer only.

Tinsley and Zhou improved the collision and parameterization scheme that varied with electric quantity in a cloud microphysics process and quantitatively evaluated the effects of high-energetic particle flux on cloud charge. This achievement not only supports the marked association of solar activity with weather and climate change on various time scales, but also but also avails the quantitative accession of solar impacts on climate. Spectral analysis methods reveal common solar periodicities Gleissberg cycle, de Vries cycle, unnamed year, Eddy cycles, and Hallstatt cycle.

The geochemical analyses have the potential to prove that PN speleothem is sensitive to changes in solar activity on centennial and millennial timescales during the Holocene. In particular, the latter seems to have predominantly controlled the coastal climate of East Asia to the extent that the influence of precession was nearly muted during the late Holocene. Actually, modeling work by Ineson et al. This variation results in a corresponding change in the pattern of stratospheric winds, which propagates downwards and appreciably influences atmospheric circulation over the North Atlantic basin.

Studies using an atmosphere—ocean coupled climate model have shown that solar-induced changes in atmospheric circulation also influence changes of heat storage in North Atlantic Ocean that can integrate and amplify solar effect Ineson et al. Recently, Brugnara et al. During the same time period, there was a marked increase in amplitude of the annual variations for temperature and precipitation.

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In response to concerns about the radioactivity released by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in , and to remedy what he described as “confusing” reporting on radiation levels in the media, Munroe created a chart of comparative radiation exposure levels. Links do not have to be relevant to your industry to build your domain reputation far from it. These questions are usually absurd in nature and related to math or physics, and he answers them using both his own knowledge and various academic sources.

In , he published a collection of some of the responses, as well as a few new ones and some rejected questions, in a book titled What If?

going out dating relationship, internet dating sites france, dating in scunthorpe. net This is an intuitive math game that teaches the concepts of number sense A Handy Radiation Dose Chart From XKCD .

Kate , Rob I want to point out that radiation, like everything, is not good or bad without a particular dosage attached. As my awesome commenters pointed out, people would be a lot less afraid of radiation if the dosages made more sense — instead of Rads, or Curies, or Sieverts — I promote the use of Banana, or the Banana Equivalent Dose. Each day, your average radiation intake is bananas. The maximum permitted leakage at a nuclear power plant is bananas.

A chest CT scan supplied a boatload of 70, bananas. Here is an excellent chart by XKCD. Occasionally we should respect the scientific experts in that field, or devote the requisite years in undergraduate, graduate, field, and post-graduate work in order to refute them. But if you read any of those lists closely, you will notice how few of them are evolutionary biologists, some of the creationist lists accept anyone who has graduated from college a low bar for any scientist.

To point out how ridiculous these lists are, the National Center for Science Education put out a similiar call only for PhD scientists that support evolution, and who are also named Steve.

late version SMC Takumar 50mm f1.4 (1971/1972) contain radiation ?

I’ve been looking into random Young Earth Creationist ideas, and according to the arguments I’ve seen, radiometric dating doesn’t actually work as a solid method of dating the Earth. There were many ideas that were used to prove their hypothesis, ranging from some fairly rational ones to ‘a tree fossilized by electricity to appear to be millions of years old. But there are ways around this.

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She was strapped down securely, too tightly to move. Everyone else had forgotten and left left her in there for what felt like hours, while the machine continued to turn round and round and blasted her with over times the lethal dose of gamma radiation, until her whole body became cancer. Her darling Randall was mocking her, possibly calling to her from outside the dream. She tried to roll back over to muffle the sound, to try and keep it going a little bit longer, because no matter how horrible the dream was, it felt preferable to the reality of her waking hours.

In the end, she always woke up. Megan slowly opened her tired eyes. She was still strapped down and unable to move, but instead of the tumours pressing on her abdomen there were just play pen balls.

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The Difference Between Radiation and Radioactivity Radioactivity and radiation are often used interchangeably, but they describe different yet related processes. But before going into this difference, it’s useful to understand what atoms are and a few concepts about how they behave. An atom is the smallest particle that can be described as a chemical. Smaller particles aren’t chemicals in the same way that wheels, windscreens and seats aren’t cars — they are parts of them, but you need a few to make the whole.

Thermoluminescent Dating Laboratory: Summer work, radiation handling certified. Testing radiation effects on various crystals extracted from a variety of geological specimens. Scientific American, KDHX, xkcd, La Dolce Via, Tim Minchin, Freedom From Religion Foundation.

In , the narrator found that his significant other was cheating on him, and took pills to commit suicide after finding out. They ended up just making him poop all over their bed instead of killing him though, which he cheerfully concludes is a funnier story in the long run. In the alt text of number , the narrator claims that everyone knows Hitler was a waiter, therefore making it okay to be mean to them. The narrator of is afraid now that they have the chance to experience something better than they have before.

They compare themselves to a lion raised in captivity whose keeper left the cage open. The narrator of takes waking up in the woods covered in blood surprisingly well because in their view it means that they’re either crazy or a werewolf I Just Want to Have Friends: In , the narrator thinks that to make everyone love her, all she needs to do is be herself but with money.

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The best science is skeptical of itself, always examining its own theories to find out where they could be wrong, and seriously considering new ideas to see if they better explain the observations and data. Change is a good thing. Until a couple of weeks ago, the established count for galaxies was about billion galaxies. But a new paper published in the Astrophysics Journal revised the estimate for the number of galaxies, by a factor of 10, from billion to 2 trillion.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License. This means you’re free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details.

But the first response , by one Thrasymachus, felt to me like dangerous nonsense: He implies that immodesty might be a better stance when incentives are weak. I believe I have something more positive to contribute. Our first exhibit is Eric and the Quantum Experts: None of them could or would. Our second exhibit is Eminent Domains: Given a sufficiently large number of eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.

But I could give other examples. This kind of thing happens to me a lot. I think the answer is pretty clear. Now to the common pattern.

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