preference #126 your child tells you they’re gay

Theme Up All Night Hi, we write preferences and imagines, and fan fictions! Everything you need to know is on the side! Harry checks who he landed on in his contacts. He looks up at Nick like a deer in headlights. Now if only you knew that he was at a radio interview today with Nick you would have answered differently. On the other end Harry was doing his best to keep back his laughter.

1D Preferences #295: You two are dating and he meets your best friend…

We’re taking requests again! Imagine you’re dating one of the boys of 1D. Imagine how he proposes. Imagine what you name your kids.

Preference #9 You Act Like You Hate Each Other And Your Secretly Dating! Part 1 ((Zayn, Louis and Liam)) (Requested) Zayn- ‘Where is he’ you thought while pacing the floor of your flat for the third time beginning to hear a rhythm in your nervous walk.

You were living with your sister and her boyfriend, Liam. Your parents had gone on a year long trip and you would rather stay with her than go with them. You were sitting on the couch watching a scary movie. Your sister walked in and you screamed. She laughed and walked off. Liam walked in and sat down on the couch opposite of you. You hated it when he was right. So you refused to let him be right.

What do you think? Boom, you had just been shot down by the boyfriend and it sucked. You hated when people messed with your hair. Your sister was never this curious in what you were doing. You walked down the stairs and Louis was waiting for you.

Preference #3 He’s your step-brother and you both are in love with eachother

He cheats on you. You were out all day shopping with your best friend Eleanor Calder but you decided to come home early so you and El can watch a movie. Liam and Danielle used to date but you were with him now and she was okay with it.

Magic Tools. Archive; RSS; notes. August 13, Scenario # One of the other boys catches you in bed Liam: You had been really in the mood for the past couple of days, but the other boys were almost always around.

She huffed and shook her head again, this time standing up. You looked over the top of your book to see Harry sigh and run his hand through his lush curls. He looked at you and smiled, his precious smile.. You closed the book and smiled back at him. You smiled, going to take off your glasses before a large hand stopped you.

You look better without them.. He sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets. He ran into the ice-cream shop, starting to drool over the different choices. She smiled at you, then turned to Harry, who was looking at you with wide eyes, but with a small smirk at the edge of his lips. She nodded, taking down your orders and started gathering them together.

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He turned to you, smiling, dimples popping out, to your pleasure. He put an arm around your shoulders and pulled you towards the food. You walked away from under his arm, keeping your back facing him as you bit your lip and ran your hand through your hair. You heard his steps come closer to you, just before his cold hand tugged your forearm to turn you towards him.

Like if i was dating you, no-one would be on the side..

Awedating you would cry on my shoulder more than I would to you(: Hitta denna pin och fler på One Direction Imagines and Preferences av Claire Marie. Visa mer. Remind me to an Australian friend act as a story teller king.

D When he gets jealous Harry: It was a small get together. It was a friday night and you and your girl friends decided to go out for a drink. After and hour of getting dolled up you finally hit the town. When you reach the club you see that it is packed with people. He takes a seat next to you and starts to talk to you and flirts a bit even drops a few pick up lines on you.

You start dancing with this cute blond boy, you guys start dancing a bit closer and you turn to see if the boy was looking…He was glaring at you guys with anger in his eyes while sipping away on his vodka. You and liam were just lazing around in your apartment as it was a sunday afternoon and you guys had nothing better to do so you decided to just stay in, watch a movie and cuddle with lots of food.

You go to answer the door and when you open it, to your horror it was your lying, cheating, abusive ex-boyfriend. He had a sad yet smug look on his face, You ask him bluntly what he wanted. Since you had been gone a while liam got a bit worried and came up to the door, Liam knew who your ex was and what he had done. Your ex then started and told liam to back off and that this was between you and him. You were shocked and standing there but when your ex leaves you run to liam and hug him and apologize for everything , he holds you close and you guys go back to cuddling.

Your life was just perfect,You were living every girls dream.

Hello, my friends.

Holy crap I hate this idk. Please tell me what you think here Niall: You roll your eyes and laugh, following after them. You go to the backyard where the main party is going on. You see Niall sitting around the big picnic table with the rest of your family, chatting his ear off. Your expression falls when you see your sister gripping on his arm.

The guys were performing on stage and you were in the crowd supporting your boyfriend Luke and your friends. They brought a fan on stage and you got really pissed that Luke began flirting with the fan.

Preferences Preference 20 – He breaks up with you and his mother comes and talks to you Harry: You stand up, kinda expecting Harry to stand there to say that he made a mistake. You open the door to find Anne standing there. You made him complete, you always got his back, you always supported him in whatever he was doing or planning, you always gave him the best advices and most importantly, you made him happy.

She wraps her arms around you and hugs you tightly. You can always come to me when you have problems or whatever, just know that okay? You welcome her in and walk into your livingroom. You deserve so much. You were such a good girlfriend for him, you were his second half. You did everything together, no matter what.

You can feel the tears forming in your eyes.


You had dragged Harry along to watch Catching Fire with you, which you were really excited to watch because of your crush Josh Hutcherson. You guys sat down, popcorn in hand and drinks in the other. The first scene that josh came on you freaked out and squealed like a school girl.

1D Preference: You Have His Kid After A Breakup And He Doesn’t Know (Niall) Niall. Four years ago you had the best boyfriend in the world until you found him cheating on you and decided to leave and hadn’t seemed to car considering you haven’t seen him in four years.

But underneath my sunglasses I’m rolling my eyes Paper has more patience than people. You were both walking down the hallways of the hotel were you had stayed for a couple of days. Harry was on tour with one direction and you decided to join them for a couple of shows. Today you both left to the next country. I know you are busy. Not caring about the security men around you who were obviously following the conversation. You rolled your eyes at him. I just said more often. Like at least twice a week.

You were nearing the exit and you already saw the big crowd of fans and paparazzi stand outside, waiting for Harry and yourself to come out. He held you close and shielded you from the flashing cameras and pushing people. When someone managed to get a hold of your arm, he immediately reacted and pulled you out of the grip of the other person.

preference #76 introducing him to your friends

Hope you love it: You skipped school for the day, joining your friends at the mall. The plan had worked until you saw Zayn later at your house. It was weird having Zayn as a teacher because he knew your grade, attendance, and behavior every day of the week. Then why was it parked at the mall this morning?

Preference #5 – He thinks you’re cheating on him. Harry: and one of your hands gently stroke his hair. With the other hand, you’re typing a message for your friend Taylor on your phone. Again. It was the sixth message you sent, and it starts to bother your boyfriend, who didn’t know who you’re texting. #one direction preference.

My co-owner name is Riley. We will post outfits preferences imagines and one shots here. Feel free to ask us anything you want. We hope you enjoy our blog: You had been an undercover spy all your life. You never really went on dates or did anything most normal people did, but you were dating Harry Styles from One Direction and had to keep what your job was to yourself. One night while at a club spying on a top case person you saw Harry walk towards you.

Thinking of a way to tell him that I was here for my work,but then again I did tell him I was going to my friends house. My thoughts were cut short when he was standing in front of me. He had followed you gases over to the man. What is it that he has that I don’t” “Nothing I’m just doing my job so now if you let me get on with it I can get more information on this guy and go home with what I have. You were always coming home late and never telling Liam were you were going or what you were doing.

Finally one day Liam stopped you and asked where you were going. Why can’t you tell?

1D Pref; He leaves you for your BFF, then wants you back (Harry & Niall) Pt 2

Your brother Niall was hosting a pool party at your house that you shared with your best-friend. The lads were all invited and your friends from school were also. You thought he also like you by the way he talked to you or about you, the way he winks at you when no-one else is looking and how he hugs you just that little bit longer at parties such as this one. As you were just grabbing a new bag of chips from the pantry and shook them into the bowl you hear the door shut.

One Direction Preference #2 – He has a breakdown being away from you. Part 2. Louis: It was 3 a.m. in the morning and he was sobbing in between his hands.

You and I both were off going on dates with plenty of people when we were her age. I don’t want any boys drooling all over her. I don’t care how old she is. Just as he finished his complaining, in walked Darcy and her date. Yours and Harry’s eyes nearly popped out of your head when you realized it wasn’t a boy stealing your daughter’s heart, but a girl.

Well, to you anyway. He was 17 years old, and captain of the school’s football team. He seemed like the total jock, and even had been in a two year relationship with one of the most popular girls in school. Just as your son got through telling you, Niall walked in the room. You could tell he was just as shocked as you were. Niall came to his side, patting his back reassuringly.

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