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Yes, like any other product out there the manufacture is on the look out to keeping costs down and leave it up to the customer to add on or improve some things. Drawing from my experience RVing full time here are a few of my upgrade ideas for you new RV folks, especially if you plan to do some dry camping with out the convenience of electric hookups. Batteries Most new RVs come with a single 12 volt deep cycle battery to power the electrical when not hooked up to shore power. This is usually sufficient to power things for a few nights while dry camping. Adding an additional 12 volt battery or installing a pair of six volt golf cart type batteries will double or even triple the power capacity allowing for longer periods of RVing without power hookup or give the ability to run more of your electronic gadgetry. The more batteries the better for power, but space and weight has to be considered when upgrading the battery bank. Your RV has a max weight capacity and only so much precious cargo space. Batteries are heavy and bulky so you have to weigh the pros and cons of adding them. I also added in a battery switch to separate the 6 volt batteries from the 12 volt forming 2 banks. Check out my setup.

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Side view of a Sundance travel trailer Isuzu ELF 6th gen, standard-cab-type auto-sleeper style recreational vehicle R Pilote recreational vehicle Articulation point The point where two vehicles are coupled together to allow movement, usually by a ball or fifth wheel hitch. Awning On most newer RVs, the manufacturer includes a roll-out awning. The awning can be either manually operated or it can be operated electrically.

Another type of awning used by RVers is a portable pop-up canopy or tent that provides a temporary solution to people who want to be outdoors and enjoy shade.

Camp South RV Park is conveniently located one mile from I and is a quiet place to relax and enjoy nature as it is tucked into the woods. In addition, Wild Georgia Animal Park and Mosley’s Chevron Station are only a mile away for family fun.

We also love to recommend this product to you because of its no kinking, no tangling and no twisting use. What makes this possible is its NTS reflex mesh that can eliminate those issues. This is one of the best technologies we found around for drinking water hoses for RVs. We are sure you will also find it useful. When looking for an RV hose, we think that such technology can provide us with ease of use and convenience.

The item is also made with FDA-sanctioned materials, ensuring it is compliant with the law and strict standards of the authorities. The marine hose is also made with Grip-Tite coupling, making it easy for us to use it. This feature ensures of a leak-free operation when it is attached to a spigot or any attachment types. Many of these recreational vehicle hoses are made with materials certified safe by the authorities. In short, these hoses comply with the strict rules and laws, especially on the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

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Our prices are out the door. We have no add ons. Our Family has been at this location since New units are here. We specialize in light weight towable RV’s from Vista Cruiser & Vintage Cruiser from Gulf Stream. White Water Retro & Mt. McKinley from Riverside RV. Over 5 different floor.

Either store it in a climate controlled building. Or winterize the water system to prevent damage from freezing water. Wrap the threads with Teflon tape and re-install the drain plug. Turn on your RV water pump. Let water drain from the low point drains until the water runs clear. Then close the low point drains. This will flush most of the antifreeze from your system.

Connect the hose to your city water connection. Now, move to the fixtures. Open each sink, shower and toilet one at a time. Start with the fixture closest to the city water connection. Run the cold and hot separately to make sure both are flushed. If you have a clothes washer follow the manufactures recommendation for de-winterizing it. This usually involves running an express or quick cycle.

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You simply need to remove the small amount of water that remains after gravity draining your water lines. RVs have low point drains in their water system. Volume — not pressure — is what you need. I have a 20 gallon on wheels that I use. I would just tow it home, winterize, and tow it back.

RV Winterizing with Compressed Air (With By-Pass Kit Installed) If using the compressed air method, a special adapter should be purchased to allow compressed air to be delivered through the city water fill.

This southern gem is sandwiched between Louisiana and Alabama on the Gulf Coast, making it the cultural and historical heart of the region. With temperate climates and breathtaking landscapes, Mississippi is a logical choice for a recreational vehicle vacation. With major metropolitan areas sprinkled amongst natural treasures, Mississippi has attractions for everyone. Mississippi Petrified Forest Millions of years ago a massive flood unearthed an entire forest and deposited the logs in what is modern day Mississippi.

The now petrified trees are a wildly popular destination with families and avid campers because this vacation spot is truly one of a kind. For a small admission, visitors can stroll amongst the massive remnants of what are believed to be trees that lived thousands of years ago, before a flood uprooted them. The Petrified Forest has 11 campsites where you can stay in your camper rental in Mississippi. Home to the white sand beaches in Mississippi, this nature themed water park is a huge draw for families looking for some water fun on their vacation.

Camp out in your travel trailer rental in Mississippi in one of the nearby RV campsites, and spend the day riding the waterslides, bodysurfing in the wave pool, or watching your children frolic in the dedicated kid pools. Make sure to check the schedule before you grab your swimsuit; the park is closed for part of the season. With exhibits focusing on the greats like Ike Turner, William Ferris, and Big Brock, visitors can immerse themselves in the music and history of the South.

This museum is open year round and is great for a day trip.

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Polk At the end of your camping season you drain the water system, winterize the RV and put it in storage for the winter. One problem with this is that on most RV’s when you drain the fresh water holding tank there is still some water left in the tank. Let’s say you do manage to drain all of the water out of the tank.

There is still moisture in the water system. Just imagine what can grow in that moist tank and in the water lines while it sits for three or four months. I’d rather not think about it.

Water filter – Always use a water filter in your water input line. Many RVs have a basic water filter installed already. Many RVs have a basic water filter installed already. These filters are there to block sediment particles and provide a better, charcoal-filtered taste.

I have not used my fresh water pump since purchasing my in Granville Motorhome last June I filled up the water tank and followed the instructions. I hear the pump when I turn the switch on, but no water flows through the lines. When I am hooked up to city water there is no problem at all. What am I doing wrong? I have to empty that tank to winterize.

Without getting into anything that may be specific to your particular motorhome, here are some general comments on the subject. You should be able to drain your fresh water tank without the pump — it will just take longer. You need to trace the fresh water system to identify the drain. On our motorhome the fresh water tank and water pump is visible through my plumbing bay.

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We should avoid those places and if enough of us do, the owners will be incentivized to correct the defects. RV Staff April 16, at 8: Schake April 16, at 8:

CR Spotless Water Systems produce deionized (DI) water that removes all the salts, minerals, and calciums that create water spots. Get the best portable spotless water filtration for car, RV, boat, yachts, motorcycles, windows, and solar panel washing.

Fresh Water System Accessories for your Motorhome, Fifth Wheel or Travel Trailer by Steven Fletcher Every motor home, travel trailer and fifth wheel needs at least one hose and I think you should have two and maybe more. For fresh water hookups in many parks and campgrounds you will need less than 10 feet of hose to reach the water faucet. But if you travel much you will eventually stay in places where you will need a longer length.

We carry a four, ten and twenty-five foot hose for fresh water hookup. Using these hoses in different combinations makes the right length for most any situation. Having just the right length means no extra hose to coil or have snaking all over the place. The 4ft hose also serves as the RV fresh water tank fill hose at most water fill stations. Our fresh water hoses are ONLY used for connecting the rig to the park faucet or filling the fresh water tank.

We carry a fifty foot utility hose for all other needs such as washing the fifth wheel, watering the yard, and flushing the black tank and sewer hose. Yes, we’ve watched folks disconnect the fresh water hose from their motorhome and stick it down the end of the sewer hose to rinse it out.

How to Connect Water at an RV Site